Don't like being frustrated?
Then at least skim the information below.

The "Getting Started" information is distributed with the download. After you have unzipped the mod you will find it in the "friyas-cinematics" folder.

That file is also included below on this page, but note that this version is likely more seldom updated than the one in the distributed zip file.

Getting started

Quite a bit of time went into designing and developing this software, take your time exploring it. It will likely pay off.

But please, at least browse the content below (there really are important things there).

There are a lot of examples, over 50, in fact. These should cover quite a bit of the functionality available but I am sure I have missed some things which I'll have to revisit later. Do note that while the examples are good at demonstration, they do severely lack in creativity. I'll be cheesy and say that that bit is left to you.

There are a few things that the examples are unable to convey, the most important of those things are outlined below. From these pointers you should be able to get around fine.


   1. Unzip the downloaded zip in your Wurm client's folder.
      In your mods folder you should now have *four* new items:
      - friyas-cinematics (folder)
      - gson-2.8.0.jar
      - jl1.0.1.jar
      - SpectatorCommunicator.jar

   2. You MUST copy (or move) gson-2.8.0.jar, jl.1.0.1.jar and 
      SpectatorCommunicator.jar to the lib folder of your game. You can find 
      this folder at the same level as your mods folder.

      i.e. ... Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\lib\

   3. Start game.


Really, I cannot stress this enough. You WILL want keybinds for a lot of things, but there's one thing that is actually very crucial:

Stop script. You really want to bind it.

I do suggest binding more keys to make your life easier, but "Stop Script" is the most important one in case you find yourself without HUD and a scene running for way longer than you want it to.

Get bdew's "bind any action" mod and install it from here:

Open Wurm console (usually F1, I believe) and type:
> act_show on (for future reference in case you want to bind more keys)
> bind 8 "act 30551 selected" (this will bind "stop script" to the '8' key)
> bind 7 "act 30550 selected" (this will bind "start script" to the '7' key)

But NOTE: for the bind to work you first have to click an object or tile so there is something in the select bar -- or it will quietly fail.

Cinematics Tab

Everything around cinematics will end up in this chat-tab. If you are creating videos, this is the tab you want to have open.

At the time of writing (24 Jun 2018) there is a bug around this, you will not visually get an indicator that the tab is open when you first start up the game. I'll get around to fixing it at some point. :)

Closing the Cinematics chat tab will effectively disable the mod and remove all features it may provide (such as location, no own-body etc).

Cinematics Menu

Right click on any object in the game world, the very last menu entry is called "Friya's Cinematics". You'll find the basic operations here.

The Examples

The examples are normal text files on your computer (more on that later), but they can of course also also be found inside Wurm:

Load examples from the "Load Script" dialog in the Cinematics menu.

If you are more into typing, you can do:
/loadscript examples/name-of-example

Likewise, if you are browsing the examples, you have the convenience commands (can be used in any chat-tab):
/example next and /example previous

To bind these two to keys enter the following in your Console:
> bind Numpad4 "example previous"
> bind Numpad6 "example next"
Will them bind to numpad's 4 and 6 keys.

To run a loaded script, go to Cinematics menu and choose: Run script

To stop a script, use the menu or your keybind (! see above).

The Scene Designer

In the Cinematics menu you'll find a sub-menu called "Scene Designer". Here you can create quick (but simple) scenes and run them, and from there on refine (see "Creating your own scripts" below).

A script you are creating in Scene Designer is automatically "loaded", so when you do "run script" it will always use the current version. There is never a need to reload the script after changes if it is the currently loaded script.

The name "Scene Designer" really implies a lot more than what it is. It is more there to make you familiar with functionality than it is to design real scenes. I find myself often using it to create a base with which I expand upon, though. For instance, creating move waypoints and then edit manually.

All scenes created using Scene Designer will last for 10 seconds. This may not be what you want, you should edit the saved script to change it. If you move over a large distance in a short time, you will likely be kicked out by an unmodded server.

Examples part deux

Once you've gotten the hang of things, you will NO DOUBT want to work with your scripts manually.

You can find all the relevant files here: [Steam Folder]\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\mods\friyas-cinematics\Cinematics\

Inside this folder you should find a few sub-folders: audio, effects, examples and templates. The one that is probably the most interesting to you right now is the examples folder.

Changes made to scripts on your harddisk will automatically be loaded when you run them in game. There is no need to reload scripts after changes.

Knowing your location

You don't need to install any third party mods to see where you are, just right click your character portrait and select "Toggle name display" and you will see your coordinate and facing direction.

Creating your own scenes, scripts...

Remember that everything is line-based. A command (e.g. /camera...) must be on one line, a waypoint on another, target on another.*

In the cinematics menu you have "Edit Script", this will open up your system text editor -- edit away. You do not have to reload your script in the game -- it will always use latest saved version.

To create a script from scratch, simply save it in the Cinematics folder and it will appear when you open "Load Script" or use /loadscript in the game.

If you want to reference audio from your scripts, place the files in the audio folder.

The templates folder contains the basis of scripts created using the in-game "Scene Designer". This functionality is a bit lacking at the moment, but I'm not sure where to take it from here yet.

Remember: Finding and creating the good shot takes time -- at least for me.

* There is/was a plan to also make this console-command based so you could bind movements to keys with e.g. "/camera move for 1s: target +1 0 0;". But I have not found enough *compelling* reasons to do so yet.

Useful other mods

On your SERVER you probably want to install my mod called "GM Goto" or when available the "Spectator" mod.

On CLIENT side, other than Bdew's action mod, you may want to install the timelock mod, also by Bdew.

If I get the inspiration I will likely add similar functionality here to make it a bit easier (and more predictable) to use.

F10 to toggle HUD

In case you did not know, or forgot. F10 toggles your HUD. There's one exception here, it will not work if you have enabled the benchmarking option.

So, beware.

Shutting down Wurm

This mod removes the "Are you sure you want to quit?" question. If you press alt+f4 or exit in some other way it wil immediately exit your client.

Yes. I have been waging war with that question.

Mod options

The .properties file has some options you can toggle. At the time of writing this is not documented here but knowing me, I've probably written comments at every option in there. Maybe.

That's it. For now.

If you enjoy this, please let me know. It's good for inspiration...