You spend dozens, maybe hundreds or even thousands of hours creating your homestead, village, island ... world.

And then you want to show your pals what YOU see and out comes ... rather dull looking videos. Blech.

The goal with this is to help making the videos of Wurm more cinematic. Show off your creations in style. Maybe even record real stories. With actors.

But maybe... hopefully... even sell more people on Wurm ... with us all releasing sexier videos.

This is a client mod for the game Wurm Unlimited.

The detailed bits

How does it actually help? The short answer is: It assists you in setting up the right shot by letting you send instructions to the camera in the game, and among a lot of things, automatically adding easing and pathing algorithms to make it ... look good. Experimentation is the name of the game.


During development I added some videos here, note that this is outdated stuff and it was not to show potential but merely to show progress. At some point I'll hopefully get around to adding more creative videos here. :)


maybe a real name here at some point, but privacy = everything